Martha Smith (1923-2011)


Martha Elizabeth Smith, aged 88 years, went to be with the Lord August 20, 2011, in Mesa, AZ. Martha was born in Kansas City,

Missouri on January 31, 1923, the eldest child of the late Arthur E. Agin and Elizabeth Sophia Buddemeyer-Agin. On September 12, 1942, she married her sweetheart Paul A. Smith. Martha led an active life which included water volleyball, tennis, sewing, reading and enjoying her family up until the day before she died of complications following open-heart surgery. She is survived by her spouse of 69 years, Paul A. Smith, daughters Beverly Greene of Peyton, CO, Paula Smith of Mesa, AZ & Linda Green of Arvada, CO, 8 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. She will be greatly missed by her family and a host of friends!
My precious Mama passed away today at 4:45p.m. I am thankful that I was given the gift to be with her and hold her hand when she did. Three days ago, the two of us laughed on the way to Banner Heart Hospital for PreOp testing, joking how I would hold her hand and ask her questions and she would squeeze once for "Yes", and twice for "No", when I asked her some crazy questions. My heart is grieving greatly, and eyes burn severely with shedding of so many tears, and I am already very lonely for her smile and laughter. I am thankful for my two sisters and Papa, being here with me as well as my friend Tom from View Point. Papa seems to be adapting but wonder if it is not denial that has set in. I fear so. I am lost in my own little world ..
Memorial Service and Buffet Lunch for Mama (Martha Smith) will be held this Thursday, Aug. 25th at 11:00a.m. at VDO (Valle Del Oro) at 1452 S. Ellsworth Rd., in the Ballroom. I welcome all of you that can attend, which will give all our family coming from out of state, support, during this VERY hard time in our lives. We hope that some of you will have some tales that you can tell, which will hopefully lighten this heavy time....celebrating her LIFE, instead of her leaving us behind. Thank you all so very much for all the emails, and facebook and texted messages, and personal visits, and also the use of some of your park models for my family members. What would I possibly do without you all giving me support.
My Sister Bev is typing up some delightful tales about Mama, and we will have someone read them at her Memorial Service tomorrow Should you have something in mind that you would like to contribute...please send it to Bev's email by 5p.m. tonight, at

Thank you all for the hundreds of messages condolences, thoughts, and love, regarding Mama. This has been a rough week so full of grief, and loneliness, and life just doesn't make sense anymore. I apologize for not responding to each and every one of you. The arrival of relatives from Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and California, have sent us all into a spiral of grieving all over again, but eventually, there is talk of other things, which helps fill our thoughts with other things.
Thanks again so very VERY much.


Yesterday was Mama's Memorial Service, with over 100 people (very shocking in the middle of summer.) from 5 states. It was amazing having both my sons here, and all the other relatives, although I felt it was a bit much for Papa, who had me take him home immediately after the service, and before the Buffet. It will settle down soon, and today is departing time for a several family members. I will have my two sisters here for a while longer, and while we make some more hard decisions and do some more work. I am sorry to say that I did not display good sportsmanship conduct at the Service. SHAME ONE ME!!! The P. A. System was not adequate and so I missed all that was said by the Minister, as well as the Family Member who read all the Memories that everyone had sent. I was very disturbed when everyone started laughing, or crying, as things were read, and I didn't have a clue (nor did my hearing impaired sons, and several other family members, as well as older people who were also hearing impaired) what was being said. The singing and music was great...loud and clear, using a different microphone. I became very VERY frustrated....But after it was all over I calmed down, and we all had a good Buffet Lunch, and then the best part of the day was to follow. The family went to the pool to play water volleyball FOR MAMA. We played alone for 30 minutes, then the VDO regulars showed up at their regular time to play at 4p.m. Our family (12) on one side and the players on the other. We all had a blast, whooping and hollering, and cheering, and laughing....WHICH MADE A MUCH BRIGHTER DAY! No one shed a tear from the time we got in the pool until we all dispersed....after having a great dinner over at my Niece's home. Then there were family pictures taken with Papa...Now home to rest. Tomorrow is another day...and hopefully it will get better with each day. I am certain there will be other days, where we will take two steps back, one step forward, but we are fine for now. Thank you all so much for all the well wishes, flowers, to the service, your friendship and love. We thank those who turned on the electricity to their park models and let my family use them! By the end of the day we were all finally smiling ...a burden was least for the moment.


Boy... these past couple of weeks has really been tough, and an unbelieveable nightmare! Such a shock of Mama passing away, but still, I don't think that it has struck Papa yet. My older sister, Bev, has stayed with him every day....but tomorrow, she is going to stay a week at her daughter house in Gilbert to see how he does alone. He is very adament about living alone, so that is what we want for him. I will do the house cleaning on a weekly bases, but he'll try to do the rest. He is the cook and bottle washer in the family, so that part won't be hard for him. He has learned to do the laundry when Mama left for vacations in Colorado, so that shouldn't be hard either. So many people say it is impossible for him to live alone...but I finally had to face reality. He WANTS to be alone...and not a burden on if that makes him happy....that is what we will try to do, until it seems impossible. If he should have an accident at home while alone and can't call anyone, I or someone else, will find him when I check up on him. Sadly, I believe that if the day comes that he can't care for himself, then I fear he will choose no life. He has lead a long life, and I just want him as happy as possible for his remaining days. I miss everyone, and can finally get through a day without crying too many times. I was beginning to think that I was looney, and my family was going to have to admit me in the Funny Farm!! I played tennis for the first time yesterday, and after the tears fell, then I had a great time. Mama meant so much to so many people, that losing her was an unbelieveable shock to EVERYONE. But we will manage, eventually.


Just wanted you to know how much you mean to me. I miss Mama more than words can say, and miss you all too! Guess we take advantage of someone being around, until we lose them, so I just wanted to let you all know how much I love you! Love kisses and hugs....
Polly Dude