Lorena Hamilton (June 19th, 2005)


I received some bad news last night. Betty Davidson (Lorena's sister)
told me that Lorena has cancer. It has apparently spread all over her
body and she is expected to live  2 weeks to 2 months. Thought all of you
would want to know. She is at her daughter's house here in OH. If you
would like to send a card the address is:
                                         Lorena Hamilton
                                         c/o Barbra Dolejs
                                          3201 Wooster Rd
                                         Rocky River OH 44116

Sandy, thanks, for letting us know about Lorena.  She's been an amazing
little lady with a lot of spunk and a great forehand.  We will certainly
miss her.  This past year, I recall her coming over to the courts with a
spray can of WD 40 for the person who just rode in with squeaky brakes.
She just passed it to the person with little comment.  There's a lot of
humor in Lorena. 

George Ewald

Lois Lausch just called me. She had just finished speaking with Peg and
found out that Lorena passed away on June 19th. Her children were there
with her. The cancer was in her throat, esophagus and liver.
The family has not made the funeral arrangements yet so I can not give
you that info. I pass on anything I can find out.
Please post this on the web. Several found out about it from your first
Thanks, Karen

It was exactly 2 weeks. Betty just called and said she would be cremated
and buried with her husband in Stowe OH and that is all she knew. She was
too upset and didn't remember any other details. Thanks for posting it.
Love, Karen

We will certainly miss Lorena.  She was one of  the first people that we met at VDO and we always thought of her as a very special friend.  Lorena liked to talk and could drive a few to distraction, but we could overlook this trait, because she was a truly kind and giving person.  Lorena cared deeply for the people at VDO and was always there for anyone who needed a helping hand.  She cared for her sisters and had cared for her friend, Bob, thru his long illness with cancer. She left her mark with us and I am sure we all have our Lorena stories that we will share for many years.  Yes, she will be missed.  Our thoughts are with her family and friends in Ohio and around the country.    
Donna and Jim Gard

Jim and Donna, I agree whole-heartedly.  Lorena was very special. 
George & Shirl

I was able to get a card off to Lorena before she passed away.  I am sure there is a special place in heaven for her with lots of tennis, bridge and delicious chocolate.  She will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

Len and Billie

Jim & Donna said it all.  Lorena will certainly be missed.  She was quite a lady and will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved her.

Won't we all remember Lorena and her special sense of humor? Lorena was my tennis partner the very first time I layed foot on VDO's tennis courts. Of course I didn't know her at all then so when I commented on how good she was at running the ball, she replied instantly : "You know young man, I sleep alone...".
I liked what Donna and Jim wrote about her. She left her mark on many aspects of the VDO Tennis club. Wouldn't it be appropriate that we do something concrete to acknowledge that.
I have a suggestion to make : Why don't we name something to honor her. I could be anything related to the tennis club in VDO. Many things relate to her. We could name the tennis club house. We could go funny like she was and just name the refrigerator that she kept "cleaning" up. I wish we could name a special donut; She liked them so much.
On the more serious side, we could name one annual tournament...
If you like that idea, let us know your own suggestion. We could decide on something when we all meet next season.
André Paradis ;-))

I love that idea, Andre and was playing with similar thoughts myself.  Would love to hear from any others who might like to work with you to that end.
When I first met Lorena, it as at the bridge table where she introduced herself and her sister as the "black widows".   She had a marvelous sense of humor.  We do need to honor her spirit.  Perhaps a combined eulogy and dedication could be arranged.  Thanks Andre. 

Andre and Renee,  We'd be very much in favour of a tournament or a "fun day" in her memory.  She would probably like the fun day better!
Al and Gwyn


Lorena was just a special person that we will all miss. I know her dog Ruby will miss her also. I loved her sence of humor. This past season when she met my wife, Bonnie, she just up and said to her ( you know he really is a good kisser) and to my embarrassment I could on laugh. Yes she was special and we should do something to remember her.


I think that is a good idea Andre.  Lorena was the first tennis player I met.  This was before we started playing tennis. 
We were on a trip at the time we heard about Lorena and got a card to her immediately.  I just hope she received it.  I will miss her and all her little sayings.  She was a very special lady.
Sue Matthes


I have had many occasions to not only play bridge with Lorena but also tennis.  When the gals formed a VOS team, she was on the same team I was on and we were many times paired together to play. 
 On one occasion, she didn't get down to the courts and we were all ready to leave for Rio Verde.  We drove to her park model (a different location than now) and she came out in her pj's.   "Oh, my" she said, I thought it was an hour from now we were leaving. She went high tailing it into her place pulling her pj's top over her head and to our amazement was just a little bit naked!  She came back out in 5 minutes dressed and ready to go.  I did inquire if she had everything on that was necessary being that she was wearing a tennis skirt and she was MY partner.  We all had a good laugh over that one.  
 But playing bridge, was one of her specialties and how she loved that game. On the Monday nights that I was in charge of the ladies she would come up at 6:30 to help me set up the tables with me. Always lending a helping hand and being there early each time.  I loved her little bridge sayings and always think about her when I play. "When the dummy is on your right, lead to the weakest thing in sight".  Things like that she would come out with.
But one of the funniest times was when I was scorekeeping for our 3.5 team at the courts. She came to get one of her daily donuts along with her dog. The dog decided to start gagging.  I found it quite comical as the opponents kept looking behind them to find out what all that funny noise was going on. It actually distracted them.
Lorena, you will be missed by so many people in the park. It won't be the same without out you.  Always friendly, always helping someone. I know your sister Peg was very lucky to have you as a sister as you took such good care of her always.
It would be nice to do something for Lorena in her honor.  I think it would be nice to honor all our tennis folks as they leave us for a better place.
Jan & Steve

Lorena, was on my tennis team and also my VOS team. She was a hoot for a partner, as she was always talking to herself. We will miss here dearly.
Duane & Lori


Andre, I like the fridge idea, "Lorena's Icebox".  We could put her picture on the door. 
I guess we need to be careful too that we don't get into setting a precedent that may become unwieldly in the future when we lose other Tennis Club members. 
Sincerely, George Ewald

Al and I are feeling so sad about Lorena's passing also. Just before we left V.D.O. last March to go to Scotland. Lorena came over to our place with a little net bag, and in it was five one pound coins for us to spend in Scotland. That was our kind and thoughtful Lorena.


We loved Lorena, she was a fellow Buckeye and very proud of it, I've played
tennis with her and have told all my friends about her ability at 80+, I've
played bridge with her and she kinew her game well, we hope our minds are as
sharp as hers.  What I will remember her most for... nobody cleans a grill  better
than Lorena (just ask her).   She was the first to volunteer for the
spaghetti dinner and her specialty was the green peppers and mushrooms.  She knew
exactly how many  peppers and mushrooms went in each bag, and she didn't need
help.  God bless you Lorena, we will miss you in the kitchen . 
Mary and Vic  Bockrath

I met Lorena when I first arrived at VDO..10 or 11 years ago.  For
several years my husband and I parked our RV near her place. We struck
up an instant friendship. Through the years Lorena continued to be a
very dear friend.  After my husband passed away, she was my date a
number of times at the tennis socials. I admired Lorena for her sense
of humor, intelligence, athletic ability and sweet nature.  I only 
hope I'll be as active and competitive in my 70's and 80's as she was.
I always loved seeing Lorena get on her bike....she'd swing her leg
over the seat, like a kid. She was a kid at heart..  I will miss seeing
her smiling face, with doughnut in hand at the tennis courts.

I do hope we can come up with a good  idea to honor this great lady.

Lois Laush

Lorena 2003