Ronald J. Kretzinger

Posted on Wednesday, 23rd November 2016 | Lompoc

RONALD J. KRETZINGER, 86, resident of Lompoc, CA died on November 14, 2016.

Ron has always been very active in the tennis club.
1995-1996: Ron Kretzinger, Dick Kornmesser and possibly Les Morton are heading a committee to present the need for more tennis courts.
1997-1998: Ron Kretzinger suggested a tool auction be held to dispose of the tools that were used in construction of the new building.
1998-1999: John Lokken announced the water fountain was now fixed, thanked Ron Kretzinger for sanding and painting tables.
2000-2001: The election of Ron Kretzinger as our new vice president was motioned by Steve Yahnke.
2001-2002: March 6, 01: Ron Kretzinger pointed out that there are 40 volunteer jobs during a season. He wants to develop 15 or 18 packets on "how to dot it" procedures: SOP or Standard Operational Procedures. One of these SOP's will be a guideline for captains. Each captain will be one level higher for the first time.
2004-2005: Ron Kretzinger suggested we have a professional window person to fix the bulletin board. When it was first put in he had an estimate of approximately $500 to install proper windows. President stated he tried to fix them and couldn't as the tracks were not even. He then asked Ron to look into the cost of replacement and that President would ask Jackie if they(Administration) could pay for it.
2005-2006: Ron Kretzinger has been investigating the cost of replacing the windows of the bulliton board and has received an estimate of $1200. He is negoiating with Front Office to pay half the cost..
Ron Kretzinger suggested that maybe established menus could be put forth by each group for the Tennis Social in order to make things easier. A motion was put forward that the 3.0's write up the menu (food and amounts required) or the last tennis social for further use.
Ron Kretzinger proposed a motion to come up with a committee to study ways to improve our team performance. Seconded by Connie McDonald.
2006-2007: Ron Kretzinger wanted to give credit to the originators of the beautification project that was first started by Karen Mitzitsano, Lori Blees and Shirley Morning last year, who were key to getting the whole project done. He announced that the total cost of the project ran over budget by $236.00. The park management agreed to pay $118 of the overrun and then asked the club to pay the additional #118.
Ron Kretzinger brought up the fact that the VOS Tournament brings in $500.00 a year.
2007-2008: Ron Kretzinger stated that the By Laws needed to be changed for next year. Sue asked Ron to go ahead and prepare the changes and to post them on the Tennis Board.
Ron Kretzinger spoke on court repairs, moving the trash compacter, who should buy what equipment, VDO or the Tennis Club.
2008-2009: Ron Kretzinger announced that he would like a chairman to take over the flowers at the tennis court. The hanging baskets have been taken care of by Ron. If no one will be chairman, the Park beautification will take on that responsibility. The park will pay fifty percent of the cost of the flowers. Ron Kretzinger was asked by Ted Lagerway to form a committee to look into various actions of the tennis club. Committee members are Joyce Wantuck, Bob Cordes, Kay Randall, Jim Miller II, Jack Strachan, and Ron Kretzinger. Ron is looking into the rating committee, move up criteria, move down criteria, self-rating, team selection, selection of captains and co-captains. The committee needs to come to a consensus. Two open meetings to discuss their actions will be held. They hope to have documents in order by December or January.
Ron Kretzinger: He stated there would be two important open meetings, December 5 @1.00pm in the Theatre Room and the other in January. The topics to be discussed included the following, Rating, move up, move down criteria, self rating team selection, captains and co-captains and round robins.
Ron Kretzinger : A second and final meeting would be held on Saturday Jan at 2:oo pm at the Theatre to discuss the new changes to the sop's. Voting will take place at the February General Meeting. These 7 pages will supercede all other documents. Some of the benefits of the new SOP's include the ability of the General Membership to change one issue quickly and simply. Changes will be posted before Meeting.
A motion was made by Ron Kretzinger to the Membership on the 7 new SOPS listed for review. Ballots were then passed out to the Membership. Ron then read each SOP and asked for comments.

Ron was providing an annual Root Beer floater.