Minutes of March 1999

March 3, 99: Ray Ellis gave a history of Polka Fest. With John Depuydt, Dan Houle and their wives, they worked 15 hours along with 130 VDO Tennis Club volunteered. The good news is the profits of $2,200. The bad news is that we would not receive the profits but would continue to get tennis balls and donuts from Angela. Les Morton gave us an update of Dedication of Courts saying he expected approximately 130-200 people. Girls from ASU would put on an exhibition and champagne and cake would be served after. VDO Tennis Club won the first place at Mardi Gras Parade receiving a $200. 00 and a plaque.

Henri Rochette has volunteered to update the phone list. Carolyn Bell requested that the name of Clyde Bell Single Racquet Tournament be changed to encompass all those who have passed away: Valle Del Oro Memorial Single Racquet Tournament was suggested by Bruce Randall.

Thanks from the court's keeper, John Lokken to the Randall, Dalton, Gard, Knoll, Kretzinger, ... Donna Morton passed away. Jan stated that we were posting the minutes on the bulletin board. John Lokken announced the water fountain was now fixed, thanked Ron Kretzinger for sanding and painting tables. Nominating committee consisted of Ray Ellis, Bruce Randall, Bob Cordes, Steve Yahnke, Jan Yahnke, Gary Ludwig. Gary Ludwig has accepted to be President, Kay Randall Vice President, Lois Gray as Secretary and Jim Gard to remain to Treasurer. Gary presented us with League Play Statistics updated as of January 31st. Park average is 42% Win. Five invitationals are schedules for next season. A club computer specialist position is to be named next season with a $100 software program. A motion was made to move forward with Henry to continue as our "computer guru". Bulletin Board repair is needed and an electrical on/off box will be installed by Dewey Bar. Bruce Randall volunteered to be in charge of the wind net removal for the summer months. New guidelines are being developed by EVSTL for league play.




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