March 31, 98: FARNSWORTH INVITATIONAL, VDO won the tournament for the first time: 2.5 women (Sue Knoll & Dottie Miller), 2.5 men (Paul Brown & Bill Hemphill), 3.5 men (Jim Gard & Bruce Randall), 3.5 Women (Janeann Lokken, Kay Randall, & Lillian Strachan)

Vi Hufsmith made a motion to increase the club dues from $3 to $5. Seconded by Helen Mathers. Motion Carried. Ice cream social is being hosted on November 7 by Leonard & Billie Gardner.

Ron Kretzinger suggested a tool auction be held to dispose of the tools that were used in construction of the new building. It will be co-chaired by Steve Yahnke & George Ewald. John Lokken expressed thanks to Bruce Randall, Ron Adams, Karen Ludwig and Carolyn Bell for various tasks they completed at the tennis facility. Silveridge Invitational was a success, chaired by Jack Christie and food committee by Bertelle MacLellan. Country Legends chaired by Helen Mathers was a successful fundraiser for $1,458.77




Bruce Randall


Ed Martin


Kay Randall


Vi Hufsmith

Captains: 3+ Sergine Larocque &

Jack Strachan

3.0 Blue John Lokken & Karen Conklin

3.0 White Barb Martin &

Helen Mathers

2.5 Blue Billie Gardner & Joann Sass

2.5 White Ray Ellis & Shirley Withenshaw

2.0 Blue Leroy Schonberger & Howard Kinney

2.0 White Don Saylor & Annis Allen

Ron Kretzinger reported that he is in weekly contact with Angela but still is negotiating on property behind the tennis courts. Management will pay for two new courts adjacent to our existing courts. We must use our $10,000. We have saved for our restroom, kitchen, utility building.

Jacque Lamoree has volunteered to be our Snackbar Coordinator. Bob & Nancy Chase for chair the first spaghetti dinner, Ed Martin for all of his work in cleaning, Helen Mathers is Social Chairman, Carolyn Bell for the bulletin boards & Greeting Committee, Bob Chase is in charge of Sunland Village East Invitational, Jack Christie with the Silveridge Invitational, Barbara & Ed Martin replaced by Jack Strachan with the Single Racquet Tournament, Jan Yahnke will chair the Handbook Committee, Don Ryan in replacement of John Eisendrath for the Rating Committee, Donna & Jim Gard will co-chair the Golf Banquet, Shirley & Dave Morning the Polka Fest with Joyce & Dick Kornmesser, Selby Barnett in charge of the Court Cleaning, Bea & Ray Ellis of the Legends of Country Music, Bill Hemphill of the Farnsworth, Beginning Tennis with Leonard Gardner, Lillian Strachan & Ray Brannon will co-chair the Constitution & Bylaws. Jim Knoll is in charge of the Leisure World Invitational