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Kay Randall


Vi Hufsmith

March 4th: Irv Conklin and Bob Judd will be involved in the engineering and construction process of the 2 new tennis courts. John Depuydt will head up landscaping. Fundraising and Budget co-chaired by Billie Gardner and Denise Hemphill. Bertelle MacLellan reported on the plans for future spaghetti dinners. Thanks from Bob Cordes to: DiDonatos for chairing the Polka Fest, Selby Barnett for the sign up sheets, Jack Christie for his computer work, John Depuydt and his rating committee, the Randalls for the Golf Dinner, Len Gardner, Jack Strachan, John Eisendrath for the tennis lessons, John D. & Vi Hufsmith for the Sunland East Invitational.

Steve Yahnke is chairman of the Silveridge Tournament on Dec. 14 and he is also planning to attend the Scottsdale Men's Pro Tennis. 100 tickets are reserved for March 6th. He is announcing that with Jack Strachan they are organizing pickle ball to be played Saturday Mornings.

Jack ChristieMember's list and summer's list updated by Jack Christie. Free dinner and entertainment for volunteers. Billie Gardner has a request from Dick Kornmesser to get the backboard up.

New members: Dennis & Loretta Maelstrom, Lorraine Johnson, Cam & Howard Ratcliff, Sue & Jim Knoll.