Leonard Gardner


Doris Schacter &
Lorena Hamilton


Jack Christie


Vi Hufsmith

March 7th, 95: membership is 153. Leonard Gardner gave a report of EVL:the league wants to have two seasons next year, one before Christmas and one after. We would need 6 courts to accommodate more players, as we are expecting to have more teams such as 3 X 2.5 teams. The 1996 Polka Fest will be only two days instead of usual three. A letter asking for two new courts and a new snack bar between Courts 2 and 4 was sent to VDO Management. New members: Bill & Denise Hemphill, Harry Murray, Annise Miller. Mike DiDonato suggested a system to use players from other teams within the same rating who are sitting out rather than calling up players from another rating. Ron Kretzinger, Dick Kornmesser and possibly Les Morton are heading a committee to present the need for more tennis courts. John Depuydt will be in charge of a tournament with Sunland Village East.