Les Morton


Selby Barnett


Jackie Goodling


Roy Sair

Construction of the fourth court and a water fountain has been built. Jack Christie proposed two 2.5 teams, with one 2.0 team, two 3.0 teams and one 3+ team.

We are now playing 13 parks. Lloyd Shively reported that the new bulletin boards were ready for installation. Also, it was reported that a sink installation is on the agenda.

Steve Yahnke will help in the organization of a fun day invitational with SilverRidge.

We will have 2 X 3.0 teams; 1 X 2.5 team; 1 X 2.0 team in the Valley League.

In January 18th, 1993, Bob Chase wrote an open letter to the management of Valle Del Oro for additional tennis playing space.

Bob Cordes in charge of the Sunland Invitational entrees. It was voted to cut court tennis to 1 hours, year round, effective Monday, February 8, 1993. Polka Festival cleared $1112.74 to be added to the $8885 from past for the fourth tennis court.