Season 1986-1987

Club members may get shirts for payment of $3 dues and $10 for shirts.

Tournament balls for $1 - snack bar on Monday - ratings: challenging-ladder

Voted to pay $10 to have a bulletin board installed-Sam needs volunteers for the coffee

Key to tennis shed: Ray Brannon, John Holland, and Ted - B & C teams

This was the day of my first league play ever February 1987 (I just started playing tennis a couple of months before that).....we played against Greenfield Village...this is the Greenfield peanut gallery......This is mostly so you can see what the courts were like back in 1987.
Sandy Miller


VDO opened its gates for the 1983-84 snowbird season.  The only known tennis player that year was Lyle Harper.  In fact there were no tennis courts at VDO.     Ray Brannon arrived early during the l984-85 season & was instrumental in starting the program at VDO.  A notice was posted on the lobby bulletin board for anyone interested in tennis to get in touch with him.     Since there were still no tennis courts at VDO they went out to schools in the area.  The main school was Mesa High  School on Southern Ave. west of Gilbert  Rd. since most of the other schools were not in existance at that time.     Carriage Manor opened in the middle of the 84-85  season & with rent half off prices enticed a couple  VDO players to  move over there.  We were then invited to play there frequently.     Silverridge also opened  late in the season & their management invited VDO players to play as much as possible on their courts during their openhouse.  Monte Vista, Greenfield, View Point and the Resort all opened the next year.  A total of about fifteen men & women played sometime during the season as most people stayed five months or less.  During a general meeting with Joe Lampe, who was overseer & part owner, when asked if anyone had anything they would like to say, with the urging of a couple other players, asked Ray Brannon to be spokesmen for the players and to build some tennis courts or they would not return the next season.     Two courts were built for the 1985-86 season & Jan Zimmerman, the activity director asked Ray Brannon to attend the East Valley Tennis League Meeting & ask to be admitted to the league.     Since Venture Out was dropping out of the league because they no longer wanted to use their courts for league play, VDO was accepted to join.  VDO entered a B team in the league which was the equivalent to a 3.0 team.  The league only sponsored a  B league & a small  A league at that time.     A Constitution was drawn up using other parks constitutions as a guide and by February & it passed & Ray Brannon was elected as President /Coordinator & Jack Holland was elected  Vice President serving 1985-87.     The league grew quickly the next few years with the number of new parks & the large increase in the numbers of snowbirds coming to the  East Valley.  Sunland Village East opened by1987 & soon a C League was started because of the number of new tennis  players taking up the sport.
Ray Brannon    

This was taken at the space we chose April 1986 when we first came to VDO.  You can see how empty it was than plus you can see the tennis courts in the background.


Thanks to Sandy Miller who provided many pictures.