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President Billie has special thanks to give to many members for helping her get ready for the beginning of our tennis season. Martha Smith/bulletin board, Rating people, Henri Rochette for his expertise in computer coordinating, Jan Sutcliffe/VP, for extra help with the computer work, Jim Knoll/courts, Kris and Nadine Hartley/coordinating kitchen and keeper of the courts, Denise Hemphill and Kay Randall/helping collate and put captains books together, Ron Kretzinger/input, Team captains and co-captains, Bertelle MacLellan, Lois Gray and Deanna Dugdale/cleaning the kitchen full of termites, Ron Polsfut, Duane Blees and Mike Geddis/cleaning the storeroom, Fran Brodison/weekly newspaper, and last but not least, Leonard Gardner for putting up with everything and picking up the tennis balls. Sandy Miller is selling the Santa Barbara Barbecue thickets. Bruce Randall is putting up the sign up sheet for the Leisure World Invitational. Jan Yahnke and Helen Mathers are deciding on the new shirts. Review of VDO Tennis club Minutes by Don Dalton.

Billie reported that to date, the park average is 49.36%. Bob Cordes announced that he will take out to dinner the player who wins all his matches on Saturday morning. Mary Bockrath is taking care of the spaghetti dinner. Everything is under control. Steve Yahnke announced the tickets for the Scottsdale Princess are on sale. Bob Judd reported that there are a number of people who have already won 75% of their matches and that you cannot hurt your existing record by playing with an other partner or an other position. All entrants to Sunland Village East Doubles Tournament will pay their own fees. Bob Judd presented four motions with regard to revisions to our SOP. The motion 4, recommending that when achieving 75% seed one winning percentage, not more than 3 of the six matches can be with the same partner, has been defeated.

February social with Bertelle MacLellan and February Spaghetti Dinner with the Wantucks have been success. The single racquet tournament had to be eliminated and will be replaced with the Monte Vista Memorial Invitational. Monte Vista invitational will start in January 2005. Connie McDonald offered to chair the Single Racket Memorial Tournament if it can be put back in the schedule. Chris and Jan offered to walk over the courts with Cindy to show all the repairs needed. There are 15 people automatically rerated and 22 being rated. A motion was passed that 1.5s be entitled to an on-court rating when they return in the fall.