Season 2001-2002


Ron Kretzinger


Billie Gardner


Don Beegle


Judy Menish

March 6, 01: Ron Kretzinger pointed out that there are 40 volunteer jobs during a season. He wants to develop 15 or 18 packets on "how to dot it" procedures: SOP or Standard Operational Procedures. One of these SOP's will be a guideline for captains. Each captain will be one level higher for the first time.

Bob Judd reported that we should adopt the 35% moving down rule. Therefore, we need 13 matches to determine a move down. This could take two seasons. Bob also discussed the "voluntary" move down forms. The members felt that no one should have to take money from their own pocket to pay for something that they volunteer to chair. Funding for all socials, invitationals, Farnswort Tournament will allow an advance of $400 from the treasurer. When the cost of any of these events surpasses the $400 advance, the chairman can request more funds through the treasurer from the activity fund. Billie Gardner reported that there will be one document (SOP) for each activity in the VDO Tennis Club. Bob Chase broke the Senior Olympic hammer throw record at age 79. January 8, 2002; new players: Jan Sutcliffe, Ed Stroup, Dale Mason, Lori Mason, Renee Paradis, Fran Brodison, Richard Wantuck, Tom Rush.