Season 2000-2001


Kay Randall


Ron Kretzinger


Dan Houle


Jim Gard

Many documents have been provided to members: Valle Del Oro Tennis Club BY_LAWS, EVSTL Rules of Fair Play, Rating Committee Rules Of Procedure.
Lillian Strachan, Dick Weakley, Billie Gardner and Don Dalton were appointed to serve on a committee to re-write the by-laws and establish Rating Committee Rules of Procedure.The election of Ron Kretzinger as our new vice president was motioned by Steve Yahnke. Gold Medal winners in the Senior Olympics from our club are Bruce Randall and Jim Gard.

New members: Dennis Savoy, Judy Menish. A change to the Team Selection Process for the next Season is adopted: a committee will balance the teams, taking in consideration the statistics of each player and their time of arrival into the park. The placement of husband and wife on the same team will no longer be given consideration. Each captain will select a sealed-individual envelope as his or her team. New by-law changes on moving down will be discussed.